What’s this site about?

This site is a collection of my meandering thoughts, questions, ideas and random musings on the various aspects of the human condition that alternately fascinate, amuse, confuse and occupy my thoughts. It contains my scribbles on the various spheres of human activity that I find most curious and fascinating:  politics, religion, morality, rationality, consciousness, psychology, philosophy, the law, and other nuances that colour the nature of the human condition.

Basically, it is my attempt to make sense of the world around me; our various ambitions, actions and motivations, how they influence others, how we attempt to govern our various conflicting passions and desires, the principles that guide our behaviour, the very springs of human action, desire and behaviour. We live in a complex web of interactions, with each action having numerous causes and effects. Our entire network of human enterprise appears on the one hand to alternate between anarchy and chaos, and yet within that chaotic and disorderly activity, we catch glimpses of principles, beauty, order, and purpose that alternately emerge from the mayhem and at times even guide our actions and reactions.

These scribbles, essays and blogs are a collection of efforts to delve into the mayhem of the human condition in search of some method to the madness. Perhaps some answers to some of the questions I’ve asked over the years. Method or mayhem, answers or no answers, this site will contain several of the idle curiousities and puzzles that have plagued my mind over the years.

Whether you’ve stumbled across this site by accident or by design, please feel free to leave some comments or questions, and to add to the discussion if you please. If you find some food for thought within these pages, please do share your ideas, questions, concerns, or curiosities.



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