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Can we save this marriage?

Our political system often reminds me of a marriage. The Republicans and Democrats are married. They are in it together and an effective marriage depends on compromise and collaboration because two people will never want exactly the same thing. Every four years there’s a big fight and the winner gets to set the priorities of … Continue reading

American Democracy at a crossroads

I recently read an article about the state of journalism after this election cycle which managed, though somewhat unintentionally, to capture so much of what has gone wrong in American politics over the last several decades leading up to this particularly horrible season. He did so without recapping all the steps that we took on … Continue reading

Who are the Trump fans? Are they really all “deplorables”?

I’ve been in several conversations about who Trump supporters actually are and why they support him. My liberal friends tend to think they are all or mostly a bunch of deplorables and many of my foreign friends just don’t get it. Some mistakenly overlay the Brexit voters’ agenda directly on Trump supporters, and there is … Continue reading

The cost of inequality

The legacy of apartheid was laid bare in this piece showing how the landscape of Cape Town and Durban, South Africa has been shaped by 50 years of institutional racism and apartheid: http://www.psfk.com/2016/07/drone-photography-captures-how-apartheid-has-shaped-south-african-cities.html. It made me wonder whether the inequality in other cities is as visible? More often whether visible or not it’s the resulting … Continue reading

On Rootedness

The link below is to a really thought provoking piece on human Rootedness, but I felt it asked several questions and didn’t offer even the sniff of any potential answers that might have been promising avenues of inquiry. E.g. the following paragraph, which really annoyed me: “The nation, of course, is still a meaningful unit. … Continue reading

On nationality

I had an interesting exchange recently with a friend on the notion of national pride. Like a broken record, I said: "You should be neither embarrassed nor proud of a nation. A nation is a convenient fiction, created for the purpose of organizing people and for administrative purposes. In what sense does it make sense … Continue reading

On Poverty, Disenfranchisement, Crime and Race

Like you, I’ve spent a good part of the last couple of days discussing the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial. The trial has left many with more questions than answers: What would have happened if during their tussle, when the gun went off it was George Zimmerman who lay dead with a bullet in his heart and … Continue reading

An inspirational reminder

An inspirational reminder When disaster strikes we often bemoan how evil the world appears to be. I found these words touching: “In the midst of all of this fear and tragedy, there were many many heroes.  People running into the fray, rather than away.  People who ran 26.2 miles and then continued on to area … Continue reading


Breaking The Mold – On Bitches, Ditzes and Angry Black Men.

In recent weeks and months, we’ve seen a lot of ink on the pressures women face in juggling their various roles as mothers, wives, executives, teachers and leaders. Various writers have put pen to paper to address the seeming double standards faced by women in being expected to take on the challenge of breaking various … Continue reading