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The Challenge Ahead for Liverpool FC – On Football Finances and On-Field Success.

I came across a brilliantly written analysis of Liverpool FC’s financial situation and the hole we (yes, as fans we find ourselves part of the collective) found ourselves in following the Hicks/Gilett debacle. It provides an essential broad background view of the situation we’re in, that I’d recommend to all fans concerned with whether we face the … Continue reading

The “We are the 99 percent” movement – the Left’s answer to the Tea Party?

In 2010, the tea party emerged from a mass of disorganized, grumbles and frustrations focused on Washington’s largess and Wall street’s perceived excesses and excessive influence in our nation’s capitol. The GOP embraced their frustrations and helped coalesce their complaints into an effective “party” that came to represent the demands of the far right of … Continue reading

Gladwell on The Brooklyn Nets, NBA economics and American Inequality

There’s a great article by Malcolm Gladwell on Grantland entitled “The Nets and NBA Economics” that I had to share. Here’s an excerpt that really struck me: “One of the great forgotten facts about the United States is that not very long ago the wealthy weren’t all that wealthy. Up until the 1960s, the gap … Continue reading

How Should We React to the Death of Osama Bin Laden?

There’s a great debate taking place all around the world today, with the news that the U.S has successfully killed Osama Bin Laden, in Abbottabad, Pakistan today.  The debate has focused on the reaction felt throughout the world, with spontaneous crowds cheering the news that this mass murder and enemy of the U.S and all … Continue reading

U.S Foreign Policy and The Middle-Eastern Quagmire

The current quagmire in the middle east is the result of over a half-century of western governments actively but at times covertly propping up oppressive dictatorships in order to secure their interests in the region (translated, oil). The Obama administration is having the sh*t hit the fan on its watch though the seeds for this … Continue reading

On the Success of Feminism and the Disappearance of the “Good” Man.

When I first read Kay Hymowitz‘s recent article for the Wall Street Journal, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. It’s a great read, and raises a question many well-educated, single and frustrated women have been asking themselves in recent years: “Where Have the Good Men Gone?” With images of the gallant, chivalrous prince sweeping … Continue reading

American Exceptionalism and the Dangers of Complacency

David Rothkopf’s recent article, “The Myth of the Innovation Nation” makes for somber reading. But while questioning the alleged American monopoly on creativity, it is of note that he somehow avoids a single mention of American Exceptionalism. It seems hard to avoid questioning what has been one of the central tenets of American foreign policy, … Continue reading

On Inequality: Much Ado About Nothing, Or A Sign of Things Gone Wrong?

According to Tyler Cowen (general director of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, and coauthor of the Economics blog marginal revolution), “most of the worries about income inequality are bogus”. That is the thesis of his recent article, “The Inequality That Matters”, in which Professor Cowen argues that much of the recent fervour about the growing gap between the haves … Continue reading

Where to next?

Back in November, I wrote a short piece entitled “How did we get here?” in which I discussed the increasingly hostile and vitriolic nature of the rhetoric in today’s political environment. I observed that the battle cries from both extremes of the political divide were drowning out the civil political dialogue, and that the blogosphere and … Continue reading

How did we get here?

After the recent republican electoral victory, many commentators are bracing for gridlock in Washington. It seems as though our elected leaders seated across such a narrow isle from one another now seem further apart than they have been in recent history. These divisions in Washington mirror the divisions throughout the country, with Tea Partiers heeding … Continue reading