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On Predation, Animal Suffering and Meaty Morals

“…most of us still feel somehow that the suffering of animals raised for our consumption pales in comparison to the suffering of animals caused by the brutality of wicked men. This double standard intrigues me. How is it that we can claim such moral outrage in the name of the suffering of innocent animals in one circumstance, and yet condone arguably greater suffering when we are the direct beneficiaries?” Continue reading

The Roots of America’s baseless beliefs

My dear friend Benjamin Klutsey recently shared this article with me. Daily Beast commentor Tunku Varadarajan asks how it is possible that 20% of Americans believe Obama is muslim, and explores the basis for the numerous false beliefs held around the country. “[This mind-boggling disconnect between perception and reality] suggests ignorance, of course,” says Varadarajan, “but a … Continue reading